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A nursing student was given a clinical failure after expressing dissatisfaction with her clinical training on the last

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day of class. Can the student have legal representation present during the grievance process?

I had no previous clinical warnings, was an A & B student and feel the instructor is retaliating. I would like my tuition refunded, the failure removed from my transcript, and the opportunity to withdraw from the program. Can I record my upcoming grievance meeting with the dean?

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  1. Your school has an appeals process that covers your situation and you are required to utilize and complete that process before you have any rights to bring any legal action. Some school admin processes allow the student to use legal counsel in the meetings and hearings for the administrative appeal, but most don't. Some allow audio recording, but most don't. You do not have statutory or constitutional rights to deviate from or decline to participate in the admin process. Talk with a local administrative law attorney for further specific info.

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