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A mother calls and says " I have been beating the kids frequently and i dont want them" What steps do we take?

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got a call from my mother, saying that my niece (2yrs) and nephew (3yrs) mother just called my brother cell phone (never married,legal father) "she has beating the kids frequently and said i don't want them". We had noticed for the past yr the little boy screams when we drop him off, and says "mom hit me in the head with a hanger", "look at my leg, mommie whipped me" the little girl curses. the kids are no longer in daycare, brother paid daycare, she didnt pay the fee for picking the kids up late.I dont trust CPS,when i noticed a burn (look to be) mark above his lip. They investigated, but did nothing! Spoke with a lawyer 1yr ago said would have to prove she is REALLY unfit to care for the kids. Just don't know where to start,Before she change her mind. Would like to get legal custody.

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Call Children's Services (CPS?) IMMEDIATELY. It does not matter that you don't trust them. The father will have to join in the report. Don't worry about being embarrassed or anything else. This is about child safety. That trumps everything else. CALL NOW (the police can help with how to get in touch on weekends.)

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Thank you! my brother is young too, but fearful for the kids. he doesn't live with her. When do consult a attorney, my brother does not make on job, the mother does not work. when do you consult attorney again.


As Attorney Tupitza said, if there are allegations that the children are being abused, you should consider contacting the children services, again, as soon as possible. Every sets of facts and circumstances are different. You should not assume that because children services did not intervene last time, they will not intervene this time.

Generally, it is correct that in order to change custody, you would have to prove that the mother is unfit. Proving that a parent is unfit can be a difficult burden to overcome. However, credible allegations of abuse will go a long way in overcoming that burden. In order to obtain custody, you would have to file a request in the appropriate local county court.

In any case, I highly suggest that you and/or your brother consult with an attorney as soon as possible to review your situation and potential options.

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The best thing you can do is to continue to contact CPS and the police. If you make repeated complaints against the mother, they will start to take notice. It is important to get evidence to prove your allegations. If the children have visible injuries, then take pictures. If the mother calls to make statements about beating the children, then record them. You can also ask that a guardian ad litem be assigned to the case. This is either a volunteer or an attorney that will investigate the case to make a determination as to whether the mother is fit to be a parent. The children are lucky to have some people concerned about their well-being. Don't give up on them! Good luck to you!

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