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A man is on-line telling people that I posess and distribute child porn, can I get him stopped legally?

Tillamook, OR |

I am in yahoo groups and I know it`s silly but I have one man claiming that I raped my own children with a broomstick until they bled. Now today he is saying that I posses and own child pornography, he tells them he believes it but doesn`t know for sure it`s true.
I am disgusted he can just say these things unchecked. Do I have any legal recourse?

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Yes, you can take action, and it's not silly. This is potentially extremely damaging, and I would suggest that you take immediate legal action through counsel. Your lawyer should not only report him to the police for harassment, but also send a "cease and desist" letter to him, warning him that he is risking legal action, such as defamation per se. Also make sure that you print out every comment he makes -- once he gets wind of criminal or civil liability, he may hide the evidence. I wouldn't let this situation sit around; these allegations could ruin your life.

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You really do need an attorney in this situation as you may have to work through the internet service provider and yahoo to locate the individual if he is not posting with his actual identity. Think about what would happen if a future employer did an internet search of your name - would you hire somebody being accused online of such horrific crimes?

Get an attorney!

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You absolutely have legal recourse. You can not only sue this person for money, you can ask the court to order him to stop or go to jail. Additionally, you may be able to get a court order forcing Yahoo to delete the posts that contain this libel.

Don't wait to get an attorney for something this serious!

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