A lien was placed on my agriculture business for 5k. Hired guys to do food plots and they did not do them. then placed a lien.

Asked over 2 years ago - Saluda, SC

I have pictures of what they didnt do & witnesses. claimed to be a professional wildlife service & also claimed to be an LLC, says LLC on their business card. recently found out that they arent registered with the Sc secretary of state for a LLC.hired them to put in some food plots & plant some seed. they didn't do the food plots & they just sprinkled seed on top of the ground. I mainly hired them to break up the ground for normal agriculture use.didnt even break the ground an inch. i called them out to discuss this & the owner pulled a knife out on me and tried to get me to change my mind on paying him. i ordered them off the property & had not heard back from them until i got notice of a lien. I know im in the right here i just dont know how to fight it.I dont want to settle with bullies

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In their Proposal it states that they will bush hog, plow, disk, and plant. i have evidence that they did not do 3 of the 4 things. They also have gotten word back to us they they are in a biker gang and are after us. My brother, Fiance, and my self attend the local agriculture college, we have been harassed there by them as well. in fact they have gone to the professors and made up false statements about us, involving this situation. point being, we are being harassed in every way possible. our business is being hurt by all their slanderous talk. Is there away to put a stop to all this and do they have any legal standing on the lien? Did they have to be registered with the south Carolina secretary of states office as an official LLC to even put a lien on us? Thank you very much for taking time with us.

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  1. Carl Michael Shusterman


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    Answered . Please repost your question.

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  2. Robert V Cornish Jr.

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    Answered . This matter appears to have all the indications of extortion, assault and likely other criminal conduct under South Carolina law.

    My advice is to contact the Saluda County Solicitor's Office, which is part of the 11th Circuit in SC. Their office is in Lexington at 205 East Main Street, telephone 803-785-8285. File a complaint and get law enforcement on this right away.

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  3. Mariana Lotfy Hanna

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    Answered . I think your question was posted in the wrong section.

  4. Eugene J. Glicksman

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    Answered . AVVO's computer read "a lien" as a typo for "alien" and placed your question in the immigration law forum. Try re-posting your question with different phrasing.

    Good luck!

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