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A law firm was retained for my Workman Compensation Case.

Jacksonville, FL |

I feel like I have the case against the attorney because he did not ask me and he assigned my case to an attorney who practice in West Palm Beach which is like 5 hours away from where I live. After I denial a very low settlement offered like an insult, he withdrew as legal counsel, and my case was dropped as a result of his action without notifying me. I did not even know there was any previous hearing, The opposing counsel used this as an opportunity to charge me Deposition fees, Attorney fees and court cost. I want to know if I file a complaint to the Florida Bar, do I have a case? What about finding an attorney to sue for malpractice, do I have a case also?

Thanks for the answer. I am not broke, and the opposing counsel request for about $900. The case was reopened, and I do not feel like I should pay for it when the case is reopened. I wonder if I request to have the hearing cancel, do I still have to pay for the Deposition Fees, attorney fees, and court cost?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. A law suit for malpractice is going to cost you money. Do you have it? If so, you can get free consultations from lawyers to explore. Based on what you have said, and if it is accurate, then the lawyer did many things wrong. You could and should file a complaint with his local bar association and the GRIEVANCE committee in your region. Don't expect to get money back from that complaint and you will be contacted to answer questions and most likely a sit-down to o over matters. Given that you have been out of work, and you have not collected WC funds, I'm guessing that you're broke. Is that true? If it is true, then you might just seek a bankruptcy to discharge your debts and even the legal fees and costs that opposing counsel is trying to pursue.

  2. You should certainly consult with an local attorney about a legal malpractice claim. Most attorneys offer a free consultation. You can always file a complaint with the Florida Bar, even if you do not pursue a legal malpractice claim.

  3. Whether you will have to pay for any deposition fees or costs will be up to the judge to decide. Unless there is a statute or rule on point, then the judge will probably be interested in whether the claim or the need for a deposition was in response to a frivolous or meritless claim.

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