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A friend won cancelation of removal on 11/5/13 for 2 crimes of moral turpitude. He faces dui charge on 12/13 first 1in 10 years

Arlington, VA |

He will be facing possible 10 days in jail, served 7 already but the concern is can he face new deportatio charges on this one dui? His immigration atty says he will be fine no new deportation charges because he won cancelation of removal for 2 crimes of moral turpitude, hes a green card holder since year 2000, so it seems the 2 crimes are behind him and he starts fresh anew that he will be able to travel out of the country again with no problems and the jail sentance of 10 days will not trigger immigration to pick him up again is this correct? he won cancellation of removal in arlington virginia on 11/5/13 and now has his new green card and passport back again

Attorney Answers 3

  1. A DUI by itself does not result in removal or inadmissibility. The other two crimes cannot be the basis of new immigration court proceedings. Your friend needs to cool it though. An LPR is only eligible for cancellation of removal ONCE, so if he keeps getting in trouble, he'll get deported.

  2. Attorney Nunez is 100% correct. While his conduct up to this point will not result in his removal, it is time for him to take stock of his actions and exercise some self control. Much is at stake.

  3. I agree, but I suggest the friend talk to an immigration attorney.

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