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A friend of mine is charged with possession of Heroin and Meth, dangerous *as defined by AZ* drugs, what are the min's on this?

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Advice, details to send him, where to advice wasn't even being considered, trying to help him, get him started on some legal council for this. Thanks

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It's commendable that you are concerned about your friend and wanting to help, but going about it this way is ineffective. Your friend needs to talk to his attorney who will know most about the underlying circumstances. You ask for "advice," "details," etc. There's no way for us to respond without more details, but such details should not be posted online in a public forum.

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Where to start: if he is not incarcerated at the jail while the case gets resolved, send him to rehab. If you are talking about sending details to him at a jail or prison -- be aware that all jails and prisons record all phone calls (except those between lawyers and clients, and even that rule gets violated from time to time). All letters to and from the jail or prison (except confidential attorney/client mail, properly marked) are also read by the officials, and can be copies. Those letters and calls are powerful tools used to convict people because incriminating information is usually found in them. Talking in "code" doesn't work. Your friend is entitled to an appointed attorney if he cannot afford one, and he needs one YESTERDAY. He needs to talk to his lawyer. That said: attached is a copy of part of the 2012 sentencing chart. The link is from the website of the Arizona Supreme Court. It may be the correct set of sentences for your friend. The amount of time depends on the amount of drugs, how many charges, (there are probably some paraphernalia charges, too), prior conviction history, and other factors. I'm sorry that there is no way to answer this question without many more details about the facts and the charges, and he needs to get that information directly from his attorney. If he is not a US citizen, these charges would almost certainly lead to deportation. However, if he is not guilty, and people are charged for crimes they have not committed more often that you might guess, that is another story. Good luck. Don't let your friend communicate with you about the facts of the case. It can only hurt him at this point.

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