A felony would ruin my career as a Service manager, could I get 2 possession of controlled substance dropped to misdemeanors?

Asked over 1 year ago - Saint Augustine, FL

Phone number (904)687-3525. I got 2 felony possession of a controlled substance charges and 2 misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia charges. I was driving and pulled over for speeding the officer asked me to step out of the car and said "You seem nervous and I saw you look in your driver side door so can i search the driver side door" i agreed he could look at the door. He then sent me to the other cop to get personally searched, pulled my wife out of the car and searched the entire car and found a purse containing a few narcotic pills and needles. My wife's purse with all her personal belongings had no drugs or anything in it, but since the drugs were in another purse he put her under arrest. I could not let my wife go to jail for another's belongings so I said take me not her.

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  1. Richard Earl Hornsby

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    Answered . You need to contact an attorney in your area, preferably a good one.

  2. Marci Dana Silver

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    Answered . You do need to hire an attorney to review this case and in many circumstances for possession cases, you can be offered a pre-trial intervention contract if you qualify and don't have any other history. It may result in the charges being dismissed. If they can't prove actual possession and there are any issues with the statements being used in trial, you can make a better argument for the State bumping down charges. I agree, however, that you shouldn't discuss this over the internet. I welcome you contacting me directly if you wish to discuss more.

  3. William A. Jones Jr.


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    Answered . Don't post any more details on this public website or anywhere else on the Internet. Seek the assistance of experienced criminal defense counsel as soon as possible. I'm not licensed in your state, but I'm confident that a good defense attorney will be able to help you achieve your goal. Most lawyers here will provide you with a free consultation. Take advantage of that opportunity to speak privately and confidentially with one or more suitable attorneys. Good luck and relax; focus your attention and energies on securing good legal representation.

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