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A Deputy officer enter into my locked property at midnight just because a Dog was hitten by a Car . Is this Police misconduct ?

Hesperia, CA |

The officer argument for crossing my locked gate is that someone's dog was hitten by a car and a person said that that Dog could be mine but it is not . Is this good justification to interrupt my sleep and scare my whole family ?

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  1. But was it reasonable for him the beleve that dig was yours? If you did own a dog that had been hit by a car woukd you have wanted him to take the steps he took?
    Given the circumstances what else should he have done? I jst dont see much here that would be misconduct...

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  2. Police Misconduct? Not in my view.

    Whether it was good judgment depends on the officers purpose, and the facts surrounding the incident. Your post has a couple typos and its unclear if a dog was 'hidden' or 'bitten' or 'hit' by a car of if a person was bitten by the dog, so the facts are unclear.

    At first blush, it sounds like this officer had to make one of the many decisions that must be made daily--whether to act in the public's interests or not act--and this offer chose action.

    More facts would need to be determined to post-action quarterback whether the decsion was proper--in any case you do not appear to have suffered any damages and nothing in your post rises to the level of 'Police Misconduct'.

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  3. I agree with my colleagues - no, it is not. If this had been your dog, wouldn't you want to know?

    If we do not have a signed fee agreement I am not your attorney and this is not legal advice.

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