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A dentist performed unauthorized service on my 6 yr. old daughter's teeth.

Torrance, CA |

The Dentist office we go to is his own. One of the visits my daughter goes back to the chair with nurse alone. My wife is told to wait in the waiting room. After the services were done, the nurse says you owe us $180 for such and such service. And we find out that some other doctor just performed these services. My wife not knowing any better, paid. They admited that they did not ask us for the service in question. The office exuse was that the nurse forgot. Is there any way to get our money back?

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The bigger issue than you $180 is one of medical malpractice. The performance of an unauthorized medical proceedure at minimum amounts to a battery. In addition, having some other doctor do it also amounts to fraud. There might be additional penalties imposed by the dental licensing board.

I would talk with an attorney at once. There is more to this than $180.


I concur with Mr. Garner. The issue involves more than the $180 fee you were charged for the unauthorized treatment. You should consult an attorney to discuss the particulars of the matter and for any specific legal advice.

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