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A customer of a "corner store" purchases "counterfeit" goods, gets "caught" with the merchandise and becomes under prosecution.

Columbus, OH |

How did/can the "store" openly and continuously sell such merchandise without "penalty"?

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The focus, and important part, is not on what the store has done but what the police accuse you of doing. A competent defense attorney will be able to bring up the fact that this store was selling a product and you had no way of knowing.

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Joseph C. Patituce


I'm trying to break down your question so that an answer can be provided. If your question is how could the seller of counterfeit material get away with it, then the answer is likely that they may not be getting away with it much longer. I know this is not the answer you want but in court the focus is on whether you are guilty or not, the focus is not on whether someone else may or may not also be guilty of a related charge.

As an aside, dealers of counterfeit merchandise set up shop years ago in a town which I am very familiar with. They sold phony goods for a long time before the feds cracked down. But, in the end, 3 of the sellers of counterfeit goods went to club fed. The wheels of justice sometimes grind slowly, but they do grind.

I truly wish you the best.

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The sale of counterfeit goods is illegal. Im not sure if your "question" is because you (or someone you know) was arrested upon purchasing the goods or whether you just want this place shut down.

If you need legal help for a recieveing stolen property (or a similar charge) contact an attorney. Do not speak with the police for any reason. If you are in trouble for purchasing the goods you may dig your own grave by admiting you knew about the "corner store's" actions.

If you want to have them shut down you best bet is to contact the police.

Ed Hastie, Esq.
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Although a good answer is what you are looking for, myself, and the several other attorneys would need more facts to give you the answer you are looking for. If you are the "customer," I think your best course of action is to speak with an attorney in the Columbus area to discuss your situation

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