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A company I do contract work for made a letterhead and signed my name allowing another co. to use my insurance

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I own a trucking co, and a co. I contract for made a letterhead and signed my name allowing another company to get into a port they had no insurance for. What can I do as if they continue to do this I can be held accountable.

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Report this immediately. You cannot be held liable unless you let it occur. Since you have notice, then it is arguable if it happens again, you are alowing it to happen.

Cynthia Henley

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As Ms. Henley stated above, you now have notice that someone is trying to ride your coat tails, so to speak. You need to notify the port that you did not authorize or sign the purported letter, in writing, and in a way that you can document it was sent and received (such as certified mail). You should put the other company on notice of your non-consent to sharing your insurance coverage. You may also need to notify your carrier so if someone tries to make a claim on your policy, they are on alert.

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