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A co-worker spreading lies about something that never happened.

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After meeting, a few months later, we exchanged numbers. Talking became texting. Texts consisted of normal as well as sexual content. We also hung out at a hotel when he offered to give me a massage. Was innocent until he decided to masturbate. Ignored him, as long as he didnt touch me. Said he was excited and had to release himself. Continued texting from there, he was clear that I didn't like him like that, now matter what our conversations were about. Now, almost a year later, he spread a lie at work stating he had sex with me. He denied saying it but I have a witness. I
also have texts proving we never had sex as well as the witness text. What can I do?

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Where there's smoke there is fire. Don't be shocked that others will accept his "version" of events given that you went to a hotel room with the guy and you exchanged texts of a sexual nature. That being said, if you have asked him to stop with the "lies" and he refuses, consider hiring a lawyer to send a Cease and Desist letter, and hope it does not have to go farther than that. You could ask HR of your employer to tell him to stop, but that only means you will have to formally own up to your own conduct.

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Report it to your HR dept to resolve.

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I agree with my colleagues.

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I really don't think the law or a lawyer can do a whole lot for you in this situation. To stop the talk at work, you'll need to go to HR and complain. But let's face it: employers can only do so much to stop gossip. If an employer says "stop talking about something" to people, everyone's going to want to know about what it is that's not supposed to be talked about. So even going to HR may have its pitfalls. Good luck and stay away from hotel masseurs!

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