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A case involving a criminal traffic violation. If the state prosecutor reviews the case and decides to dismiss, what happens ?

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A case involving a criminal traffic violation such as a DUI or Hit and Run, When the state prosecutor reviews the case and details, decides the case is not worth pursuing and dismisses the case against the accused, Does, the Citation given to the accused enter the court docket as dismissed or Not at all ? Does the accused get notified of the dismissal ? Thanks

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  1. If you had been arrested for the offense then the prosecutor would need to enter a dismissal. However, if an arrest is never made and no citation is ever issued and the prosecutor decides not to pursue the case then he would not need to do anything but close the case internally.

  2. The answer to your question depends on when the prosecutor decided not to pursue the DUI charge. Since the question was asked in Fort Lauderdale, I will assume you are referring to a broward county case. In broward, the charge is not filed (pursued to use your words), until a filing prosecutor files an information. If that prosecutor decides against filing the charges, then they will fill out a no action document. This document indicates that they do not believe that they have a "substantial likelihood of conviction". If the charge is filed and the prosecutor in court dismisses the case, they will enter a nolle prosequi. You can contact the clerk to find out the specifics. However, assuming you have never been adjudicated guilty of any other crime, you will have the opportunity to expunge the DUI from your record. Andrew Parks, Parks & Braxton, P.A. (954) 385-5651

  3. Charges are dropped

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  4. Once a person has been either cited or arrested for a criminal law violation, said information is docketed. If the prosecutor then decides not to pursue the charges, they will enter either a No Information or a Nolle Pros. Since most of this information is on line, you may not necessarily be notified by the state attorney that the case is dropped. Alot of times, if the client has posted a cash bond, the clerk will retrun the bond money to the remitter in the mail. The record of the arrest or citation will remain available as public record even if the case is dropped. In that event, I advise clients to seek expungement.

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  5. If your case is in Broward County, you probably won't receive notification that the case was dismissed. Check online periodically at If the case status goes from "pending" to "disposed," then it was likely dismissed or "no info'd."

    You can always call the Clerk's Office, or if you have an attorney, your attorney should be on top of the progress of your case.

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