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A 20 yr old has gotten a 16 year old (at the time of conception) pregnant . can anything be done about this/.

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hes now denying that hes the father and also the baby is due soon

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  1. What do you want to have happen?

    When the child is born you can file a paternity action.

  2. There are all sorts of issues arising out of this situation. The one thing for sure is with modern testing you will know if he is the father.

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  3. Based upon their respecive ages, I do not believe this would constitute a criminal offense. However, my colleauges are correct in that you can file a Petition to Establish Paternity and Other Related Relief (visitation, parental responsibility, child support, etc). If he contests being the father, a DNA test will be required. If he refuses to undergo testing, you could Motion the Court to require it.

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