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999999-05 HOLD JDC

Clearwater, FL |

What does 999999-05 HOLD JDC mean? He has this, while being held until another county comes to get him. He owes $400 out of $1000 (he payed $600 himself) for a juvenile charge. Does this mean we will have to pay before anything happens? Or can we get the public defender in the other county to expedite it anyways? Which he hasn't done yet for some reason...

Now he's 19 restitution

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This designates that the juvenile defendant is wanted by another county. As a result, he would not be released from JDC if his local charges are disposed of. Instead, the other jurisdiction will be notified to come and transfer him to their jurisdiction for prosecution. It is a good idea to pay the previously ordered restitution ASAP. I assume that would expedite the closing of his local charges and open the way to take care of the out of county cases.
I assume he has not been assigned a Public Defender in the other jurisdiction yet. Please check with that office to find out.

Good Luck,

Robert E. Heyman, Esq.

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