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9 month probation wet and reckless dui

Santa Clarita, CA |

what is the different between a wet and reckless and dui. i only got 9 months of probation for my wet and reckless, but i read online that people get 3 years with a dui probation how is that possible.

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It is a reduced charge. That is why probation is shorter.


3 years probation is standard on a first time DUI. 2 years probation is typical on a wet reckless. However, it is not uncommon to negotiate a shorter or longer probation on a wet reckless plea bargain. Hope that helps.

Jasen Nielsen



oh no i didnt negotiate to get 9 months probation, thats what they have gave me and thats what is says on the paper i have recieved from them. i was just wondering what was the difference between wet and reckless and dui because


It will depend on the county that you are in. A wet is a reduced charge that is negotiated with the DA and usually ranges from 1 year to 3 years. If you got 9 months consider yourself lucky.
Robert Driessen

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yea it was for a wet and reckless in santa clarita how often do they give 9 months of probation to people with wet and reckless? i do feel lucky


A wet reckless is a lesser offense of a DUI. The probation term is shorter
and the fines generally less BUT it is priorable just like a DUI. That
means for the next 10 years if you are arrested again yiu can be charged
with a second, or third, etc.. Your probation tem seem unusually short you
should check that. The minimum probation is 1 year by statute.


Totally concur with Mr. Driessen. 9 months of Probation is HIGHLY unusual for a Wet Reckless. 2 years is usually as low as it goes. The primary difference between a wet reckless and a DUI is the fine and the class. A Wet Reckless is, for most purposes a DUI. It is a prior for the Court and the DMV. Personally, I don't consider a Wet Reckless anything more than a moral victory, but if you indeed received 9 months of probation you can get the case off your record much much sooner than the typical DUI or Wet Reckless case.

Brian Michaels
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

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