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6 complaints, on the dismissal, it says complaint for fraud, et al. /does it meen all 6 dismissed it also says entire action

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this is another question to the above about my brother sueing me over my moms estate that she left in my name, and the other parts of her estate are in probate, but I dont know if the othe 5 complaints he has are dismissed as well the (et al) the box is marked entire action al all causes of action so i do think it is all dismissed of course he will continue this if the probate does not go the way he wants it to go, i will call the court house to make sure it is dismissed, but i just dont know about the other complaints? What a mess when it comes to money/property and when any attorney I contacted wanted over 25,000 for a retainer because it is all property in Carmel Valley, CA ~~

does the et al meen all complaints on one case that are a total of 6, but only one is listed in the request for dismissal, it says fraud et al~~all dismissed

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I am not sure if your brother filed five separate cases against you, five causes of action in a single case, or five complaints have been filed in one case. If it is the first, then the dismissal applies only to the particular case with the case number on it. If it is the second or the third, the dismissal applies to everything.

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Thank you so much for helping me~I was just really confussed with the et al (part) Thanks again ~~


You really need to have an atty look at it for you. The quote you got was likely to make sure there was enough money to see the litigation through. In this instance, you need only "limited" representation or even less. What I mean is simply, you need someone to review the dismissal. I'm sure someone can do it for $500.00 or less.

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