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6 Cavities filled by dental assistant damaged nerves; possible root canals. What are my legal options?

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3 weeks ago, I had 8 cavities filled. The dentist himself drilled one molar, and then left the dental assistant to drill and fill the remaining cavities on her own. I went back in, suspecting the need for a root canal. The dentist told me that my fillings were high, so he drilled them down, and said I would not need a root canal. The pain did not go away so I sought the opinion from another dentist. He looked at my xrays and said that I will need a root canal, because my tooth had been drilled down to my nerves. However, several more of the filled teeth now hurt, and I suspect those will also need root canals. What are my legal options if I need root canals on every tooth filled by the dental assistant?

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Ask dentist # 2 if the care at office # 1 fell below the standard of care.

Here is why that is important [blue link below]:

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I agree with my colleague. Practically speaking, I would advise you to contact an attorney experienced in these types of cases. I can't speak for your state, but in my area, attorneys generally handle "malpractice" cases on a contingency basis. This means they will advance the costs of the case and will only take a fee ( usually a percentage of the recovery) if the case is successful. The attorney would need to get a copy of your records and have them reviewed by another dentist and get an opinion as to whether the first dentist committed "malpractice" . Just so you know, these cases can be very expensive and time-consuming for the attorney to prosecute . To be honest, I might not take a case been involved someone having to get a couple of root canals, simply because the potential recover may not be worth the time and money necessary to prosecute the case. You can discuss that with the local attorney.

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You definitely need to ask your second opinion dentist if the first dentist/dental assistant committed malpractice. If so, the contact a local malpractice attorney. Beware, dental malpractice cases are tough and expensive.

Good luck.

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For any malpractice case, a malpractice lawyer would need to order your records and send to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

My office does NOT handle dental malpractice claims, sorry.

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you should obtain the records from the dental practice and consult immediately with a competent Colorado trial attorney.

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