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50/50 child custody

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I have a 15 year old daughter who has been living with me and has been going to school in my area since the end of March because her and her mother do not get along. But her mother does not want to pay child support so she wants to have our daughter every Sunday @ 9am to Tuesday @ 9pm. My daughter does not or want this schedule and I feel its not good for her but I understand that she needs both of us. Do you feel that I should still ask for some child support because over all she is with me more? We are in the process of changing our court order.

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It all depends on what your goals and objectives are now. Once your order is signed, you should be prepared to live with those exact terms for AT LEAST one year.

If you have Q&A before the entry of the order, you should really consult with a family attorney for your own peace of mind.

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Eric Gruetzner

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You have to abide by the current child support order until it is modified. If you work out a compromise, you need to get it in writing so that if she later complains about you not paying child support, you have something to show the judge.

As for changing support in the future, you need to visit with your lawyer about the child support/custody arrangement that will be the best for your daughter, give you the least expense, and force you to spend the least amount of legal fees to get resolved. It has always amazed me that folks will spend $5,000 in fees to get $100/mo change done so that the additional legal fees eat up 4-5 years worth of the additional support dollars.

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