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5+ year old dispute with ATT is showing up on credit report (CR). The original amount was $100-$150. 3 or 4 CAs later, it's

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listed at more than $1,100 (even at 30% annual compounding, that shouldn't be more than $550). So this amount is rampantly being padded. I sent dispute letters to the 3 CRAs. They all replied with "verification". Which was nothing more than the current CA reiterating its unsubstantiated claim on a wildly inflated charge against an account that is over 5 years old and that I disputed from the outset because of unacceptable service. What do I do next? Send a DV to the CA? My assumption is that they will just send a letter back claiming that they have verified that this is my debt... IE merely regurgitating their spurious claim as proof... Should I take the DV step anyway?

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The question really is do you want to set up a FCRA case for you or do you want to try to quickly get your credit report fixed. I don't handle FCRA cases but I do have experience with getting incorrect or spurious information off of credit reports removed. I would say the CA is potentially violating the FDCPA if they are reporting inaccurate inflated information (credit reporting is a collection technique). I'd be happy to help you get the stuff removed from your credit report at no cost. If you want some money and want to set up a FCRA case, then perhaps you'd want to google FCRA Attorney here in Chicago. Good Luck!

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I recommend contacting an attorney who specializes in consumer law about your dispute. Most will provide a free consultation, and take good FDCPA/FCRA cases on a contingency basis. If they truly are inflating the amount of the debt, that would violate both the FDCPA and the FCRA, now that they haver verified the debt after your dispute. We recently sued a collection agency for similar conduct. We have also seen this pattern debts being shifted from one collection agency to another after being disputed by the consumer, and it is arguably a violation of the FDCPA and/or Illinois Consumer Fraud Act. Also, are they listing the account as disputed? If you notified the collection agency of your dispute, their failure to state that the account is disputed on your credit reports is an FDCPA violation.

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