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401k questions

Tupelo, MS |

In MS ins't the 401k program voluntary? Why is it like trying to get into fort knox if it is my money? Why can I not borrow from it any time I want and repay it back through my paychecks? Why are they acting like its their money instead of mine? I need that money to help me with some hard times right now and to pay off some of my bills that my regular check isn't taking care of and yet they are acting like I am trying to steal that money!

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  1. Yes, it is a voluntary benefit but once you defer money into the plan it becomes subject to the plan rules, which are governed by federal law. Your 401k plan is a highly regulated retirement plan not a savings account. Your plan obviously limits your ability to loan or withdraw funds in your account. These limitations are governed by law and often are mandated by the same law.

    I understand that does not help your current economic problem.

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