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3rd degree DWLS

Marysville, WA |

My Husband was pulled over for a tail light being out. Turned out he had a suspended license (3rd degree) and he didn't know. We also didn't have insurance. So we got a ticket for no insu, but my concern, of course, is whether or not he will go to jail whe he goes to court. That very day, we got insured, and he got his license re-instated. I am wondering if jail time is likely, and if I should get an attorney. He has no prior anythings. He had an unpaid ticket, it turned out.

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You should get an attorney anytime someone is facing jail time. The stakes on criminal matters are just too high to try to wing it. However DWLS 3 is one of the least consequential charges in the state. The odds of jail time are exceedingly low; many prosecutors will look for reasons to get rid of it. An attorney can usually get it amended to a non-criminal driving offense (especially if the driver has since re-obtained their license).

If you can't afford an attorney, your husband should get a public defender at or before his next hearing. Any criminal defense attorney will be able to resolve it with minimal fuss. At that point it's a matter of going to court, paying the fine, and making sure the license is valid for future driving. Don't worry about it too much.

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Everything said above it true. It is important to remember that although this is one of the least significant crimes someone can commit, it is still a criminal offense. Consulting with an experienced attorney, whether it be a private attorney you hire or public defender is essential.

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Your husband has done exactly what the court wants him to do - get legal (i.e., he got relicensed and insured). That's (almost) all they are concerned about. Make sure DOL has his most recent address (so he'll know in the future if they ever want to pull his license) and that his license reflects that (so if he ever gets stopped for anything again, the cop won't write down the wrong address). With his proactiveness, from my experience it is highly likely a lawyer (public or private) will be able to get this DWLS3 reduced down to an infraction.

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