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39:4-56.5 Abandonment of motor vehicle Ticket

Paterson, NJ |

I got this ticket for abandonment of MV for parking in the street for more than 48 hours without moving my car. I went to court and pleaded guilty and paid a $56 fine. I looked up the violation online, and it says that the minimum fee is $100. I was wondering why my fine was less than the minimum? Do tickets amounts vary from town to town? The ticket was in Elmwood Park, NJ.

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  1. Could have been a parking ticket

  2. You probably got that fine because the judge thought it was something else. You should be aware that under this statute the Motor Vehicle Commission can, in its discretion, suspend your license for up to two years. I don't know if they do this or under what circumstances they would. If you get anything from MVC, call a lawyer.

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  3. The Court is free to set the fines, normally more than the book.

  4. Did you go before the Court and then were assessed the $56 fine? It is possible that you may have pled to an ordinance violation. Either way scan both the ticket and the receipt from the Court and keep in a safe place in the event that the MVC comes knockin'. Good luck.

  5. That is the fine for 39:4-56. Obstructing Traffic. They may have amended.

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