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34 year old mentally ill son failed to show up court.

Chino Hills, CA |

Mentally ill son arrested shoplifting after going off meds. They seen he was ill so gave him 10 hrs community service, shoplifting class and fine and if satisfied charges to be dropped. Naturally he did neither and while moving his stuff from his apartment he was evicted from found sheriffs card failure to appear court. Now held in Orange county for threatning me, should I call San Diego and tell where he is? Or just try to get him back home to Michigan as soon as or if he gets treatment promised from Orange county?Would now be the time to try and get temporary conservertorship. He would not last on the streets with no meds. Out of options.

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Assuming that the shoplifting case is in San Diego, I would contact the court and let them know he is being held. You could also gather the information regarding his mental health issues and why he was not compliant. Ideally, he should clear up the criminal matters here before moving out of state so warrants are not following him. That could make it difficult for him to obtain housing or obtain services. If you can get a conservatorship because he is not competent to handle his own affairs, that may be the best bet but that will be something else for you to determine. Such a difficult situation, good luck.

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