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3 day notice...rule? How to count it down.

City Of Industry, CA |

question: if I got a notice (3/30/90) to quit, on June 22 (which was a saturday) what day would have been valid for my landlord to serve me with a UD?

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    It is calendar Days and not court days. That is how days are counted. So, a 3 day notice means you must pay rent in 3 days, or 4th day you can served with a UD. I hope this gives you some direction and insight on your question and I truly wish you the best of luck! As an aside, if you found my direction helpful, and if you feel appropriate; could you be so kind as to designate my answer as the “best” answer to your question?

  2. See enclosed Landlord-Tenant Guide (specifically p. 67 start) which will hopefully shed some additional light on the topic:

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  3. Everything is in calendar days with evictions, not court/business days.

  4. Most common error is that the day of service is counted. Begin with the day following service so if a three day notice was served on June 1st the notice could expire on June 4th at the end of the day. One issue is when the notice expires on a weekend. If its a 3 day notice to pay or quit I find it best to wait out the following Monday. Though this is debated by attorneys especially if rent can be paid over the weekend. But I find waiting best practice to avoid the argument. It's always best to consult a lawyer. This should be used for general information and not considered legal advice.