2nd DWI Texas Conviction

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I need some advice...here's my situation/case.

I was charged with a DWI 2nd in Comal County and hired a "well respected" DWI defense attorney. When the state originally charged me, the charged me with a 1st and it was set for trial, when the trial date came up the DA gave me the plea to keep punishment of the 1st DWI which was 12 mo. probation, $1000 fine and the classes. We declined

The state proceded to dismiss the case and file a DWI 2nd, which generated a warrant so I was arrested a second time, posted new bond for a second time, etc.... Long story short, the state delayed, reset trials, and it finally went to trial after three years and I was convicted of DWI 2nd....Additional details for follow below

Additional information

The case had venue and reasonable suspicion issues which my attorney focused in hopes of getting the case dismissed or reduced. During trial I feel I was mis represented as there were many missing arguements/defense questions, etc... pertaining to the points of the actual case which needed to be addressed should the possibilities of the technicalities having the case reduced or dismissed not been present. I feel he totally missed the opportunity to show reasonable doubt to the jury, and it is my understanding that the jury solely based it's decision on admission of drinking alcohol....more to be added

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  1. Gene Raymond Beaty

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    Answered . Negotiations don't always work out. You knew or should have known of the risk of the DWI 2d charge when you refused their offer. There are risks in all we do in life and this one didn't work out so well for you. Unfortunately, some lawyers aren't aggressive enough in warning you of danger. If that's the situation, its unfortunate, but doesn't mean the attorney was not properly "well respected" DWI attorney-just a difference in style of one lawyer from another. I would have beat up on you before I let you reject the offer, but ultimately, its your call.

  2. Richard Timothy Jones

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    Answered . Whenever you go to trial there's always a chance that you could get a worse result. You can always hire a new trial for appeal but appeals seldom succeed.
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  3. Macy Michelle Jaggers


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    Answered . I don't see any additional details, so I'm not sure what your question is.

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  4. James Alexander Abate


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    Answered . If you decide to go to trial, there is a strong likelyhood that you face the trial tax if you loose. The decision to go to trial was yours, not the attorneys. While you may have not liked the attorney's trial strategy, it is not clear what you are looking to do? Is this about malpractice or inefective assitance of counsel?

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  5. W. Troy McKinney

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    Answered . If you want to have your trial lawyer's performance evaluated, then you need to hire a lawyer who is qualified to do so -- someone who has experience in post conviction and appellate matters. Expect to spend far more on this venture than you did for the trial. Ten to twenty thousand dollars or more would not be uncommon. You will also have to buy the transcript from the trial -- plan on about $1500 per day of trial. No one here can give you meaningful advice about your situation without reviewing the transcript of the trial and the case as a whole.


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