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2nd DUI Jury trial 1.29- PD statement and EMT statement contradict each other. 1st DUI alcohol 2005, 2nd DUID 4.27.12 for Rx

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On 4.27 12 I was driving home from work (bad day, sick, and tired) I clipped a curb which caused a flat tire; I pulled over at the nearest street and called AAA to come put on my spare. While I was waiting, I was suddenly surrounded by cops, I have an anxiety and panic disorder and failed my FSTs. He gave me DUID because I admitted taking those and my poor performance. He also said I was sleeping and had a bloody nose upon arrival (not true!). Somehow the fact that I signed an AMA with the EMT was never caught on any report. I obtained copy that shows I did tell them what I took, however, their assessment was I was anxious and having anxiety. The Captain of the FD remembers, and will testify to this; but I am still nervous about going against a jury- I have a full time job and 2 yr old. An


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Why are you posting your entire defense on a public website? Take it down immediately. Call an attorney on the phone.



Will do, I didn't realize it was an issue. Thank you I'm advance for your prompt response to help my well being.


There is not enough information to answer your question. Was a breath or blood test given, or are they trying to say you refused a test? If there is something in your system, then it depends on what it is and how much. If it is a refusal, then it will depend on a lot of other factors, including what the police officers will testify to. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible.


It is one thing to ask specific questions on this site. It is another thing to make statements that could be construed as admissions that could ultimately be used against you. Your posting falls into the later. Please be careful what you post. Some of the issues that you have raised need to be addressed with an attorney in a confidential environment.


No one should responsibly recommend going to trial until they have fully and completely reviewed the details of your case including police reports, witness reports etc. This absolutely requires that you meet with/ consult with an attorney. I would suggest that you find someone that has trial experience and specializes in DUI defense.

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