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22,0000 owed original tax owed is 10,000. I can not pay and I called a few tax relief sites, many asking for upfront 2500.

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$22,000 owed includes interest & penalties, original tax 10,000 for 4 years. I inquired tax releif, and was told to pay 2500. up front. I need help to pay, and IRS said 300 min a month.
What can I do?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You can certainly try negotiating with the IRS yourself, but if you need assistance, you will have to pay for it. If you accept the IRS offer of $300 per month, your interest and penalties will most likely keep accruing until the entire amount has been paid.

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  2. Unfortunately, to hire a professional it will cost you money. At $300 per month, the balance will continue to grow since this is not enough to pay the interest and penalties that will accrue on the unpaid balance. You could consider bankruptcy, or an offer in compromise. However, these will require the help of a professional. See if you can work out a payment plan with a tax professional.

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  3. If you can afford to pay the $300 per month, you may want to agree to that sum. If you think you qualify for an "offer in compromise", which can reduce the amount paid, you will need a tax attorney or accountant, and this will cost money. Be very careful of so called "tax relief" sites, as they will take your money and not do anything more than you could do yourself.