21 year old pregnant by 16 year old

Asked over 3 years ago - East Hartford, CT

What can happen if a 21 year old female gets pregnant by a 17 year old who was 16 at the time she got pregnant? Will she have to give up her baby?

Additional information

The 17 year old's parents are fine with the relationship and pregnancy.

This is in Connecticut.

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  1. Mark Daniel Colson

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    Answered . No 21 year old (adult) mother will have to give up their baby for the sole reason that they got pregnant by a 16/17 year old. Is someone threatening this? Do they desire and intend to raise the child together? These are the more important questions going forward because these people will forever be the child's biological parents.

  2. Houston Putnam Lowry

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    Answered . While this is not an area I practice in, there is no reason a 21 year old woman will be required to give up her child if she wants to keep it simply because the father was 16 at the time she got pregnant.

  3. Tushar G Shah

    Contributor Level 9

    Answered . Attorney Colson got it right in that no one would force the 21 yo to give up the child on the face of the information provided.

    However, of note is the possibility of charges being sought against the 21 yo for having had sex with an individual who was below the age of majority. If this matter gets to the authorities, the 21 yo may face criminal charges including risk of injury, sexual assault and the like. If those charges are pursued, that could result in DCF intervention, which could result in the child being taken away from her, and placed with someone else (if someone volunteers from his side, the child would likely be placed with them). More information is needed to properly assess that side of the question.

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