21, first time shoplifting, what will happen?

I was caught shoplifting a pair of socks from ShopKo. The officer called me, I went to ShopKo and watched the tape. He wrote me a citation and gave me a court date. I paid $50 of the civil fine to ShopKo. What else will happen? Will I need to hire a lawyer? I just want to plead guilty, pay the fine, and do probation. How much will the fine be? The officer said no more than $500.

Lincoln, NE -

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Ashley Lee Albertsen

Ashley Lee Albertsen

Criminal Defense Attorney - Omaha, NE

Hire an attorney and try for diversion. If this is your first offense you might qualify in which case you will end up without a shoplifting charge on your record.

I am a licensed attorney in the state of Nebraska. However, the advice I give here is not to be taken as legal... more
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Tregg Robert Lunn

Tregg Robert Lunn

Criminal Defense Attorney - Lincoln, NE

You ushould hire a criminal defense lawyer. Sometimes a lawyer can help the prosecutor see that diversion is the better choice, rather than going to trial.

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