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2011 I have made a verbal agreement with a yard in USA to storage my sailboat in there property and pay every three month's,

Annapolis, MD |

The reason for that is I leave in Toronto and would be very inconvenient to pay over the phone with my credit card on monthly base, All worked fine till the management changed now I have been treated (second time) with a lien on boat because I how Oct and Nov 2013 (900.00). Are they by Law allowed to do that.(Maryland state)?

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    Don't lose your boat! Read through our article, linked below, about Maryland maritime liens. This is an area familiar to many of us practicing along the Chesapeake Bay. See you on the water!

  2. You have a lien, because it is inconvenient to pay? If you want to have your boat stored, pay the fee.

  3. You left a credit card. Were you charged ? Did management or ownership if the yard change?

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