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2011 Alimony Reform -- Impact on my divorce payout for alimony and child support?

Boston, MA |
Filed under: Alimony

I currently earn about $200k annual. The proposed alimony reform in Massachusetts excludes gross income that was already considered for child support. Under this new law, would I only be required to pay child support?
Presuming my divorce is finalized this summer, would any alimony figure be modifiable?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Based upon the Child Support Guidelines, depending upon whether and how much income your wife may have, your $200,000 would fall within the Guidelines for child support. However, depending upon the length of the marriage, the age of the child(ren) and other factors, it may be favoralbe to allocate a portion of your payment to deductible alimony or the Court can do so as well. As to the issue of modification, if you enter into an Agreement, it will depend upon the wording of it and whether alimony "survives" or "merges" If you fo to trial and a Judgment is entered by the Court instead of incorporating an Agreement, it would be subject to modification in the future.

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