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2 years ago i was charged and convicted with a dui. am i looking at jail time

Bremerton, WA |

shortly after i moved to texas, causing me not to be able to fallow up on some fines and classes. i recently moved back to washington so i can take care of this. i am going to the clerks office tomorrow. will i be loking at jail time.

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  1. There is some probation violation issues that you need to address. If you haven't committed any new criminal offenses then any time isn't mandatory. If you have new cases then you will need to talk with your attorney and get the details on what you are looking at. Just because you took off and didnt complete your programs doesn't mean that you will go to jail HOWEVER you will need to address your absence, what you have and haven't done, any further cases that you have been charged witha nd WHAT YOUR PLAN IS NOW.

  2. It is certainly possible. Depends a lot on which court your case is in. You should talk (directly) to a lawyer who practices in that court right away. They will likely advise you to make some payments on the court fine, and maybe get back in to the classes before you see a judge or talk to the clerk. If you have some progress going on when you first appear in court, the chance of being put in jail is probably less.

  3. For God's sake, do not go to the clerk's office tomorrow. You could be taken into custody on the spot without a good explanation for your failures to comply. Contact an attorney. We know which courts take what types of actions. We know what they will want to see from you. The attorney can protect you and eliminate or reduce the consequences for failure to comply.

    I am not offering legal advice and in no way does this post create an attorney-client relationship.

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