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2 weeks ago police went to my relatives home having her sign a admission of guilt on an infraction(false ID and speeding)

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later following week the house is beigput under surveillance by unmarked car at plain obvious sight 4 hours. now today they were in unmarked car with 2 uniformed officers. her husband decided to greet them they greeted back and later he uses her car seeing if police follows him. they followed him quickly but later disappears. She has no current warrants car is in good standing. the INFRACTION was over a year ago... what next

that's what's been told too many times on all ends including a personal bail bonds friend lol she said "I been in the baling for 20 yrs and never have I came across this... cause if that's the case i'd be a millionaire 4 all the infractions misdemeanors id be bailing out" and that's the impossible to think that the police whom actually contacted them was from a 16 miles away div. not her local div. the infractions where by local division and one from CHP either way none from that Division.. How can we find more info in order to avoid any mishaps and to seek counsel if needed?

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From the information you provided, it sounds as if they are investigating something else and needed an excuse to make contact. They may be watching her husband for something he may be involved in that she doesn't know about. There may also be a search warrant for their house coming in the future so she may want to check any computers in the house and go through them to see if there is anything that may shed light on what they could be investigating. In any event, they should NOT talk to any officers without an attorney present.


The police don't come to people's homes to have them sign admissions of guilt on traffic tickets. They have better things to do. If the police are casing your relative's house it is for some other reason. Follow my colleague's advice and do not speak to them.


My colleagues are correct. Police never come to someone's house to have them sign an infraction- or anything like that.

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