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2 Traffic Tickets in 2-weeks! The 1st one was a red light camera & the 2nd was a speeding ticket. Both Van Nuys Courthouse, CA

Los Angeles, CA |

Red Light Camera - I didn't see the "No Turn Right on Red" sign & I safely turned & a camera flashed, took my picture, I received a "VC21453C". The deadline to pay citation / appear in court is Jan 16, 2014.
2 weeks later I was stopped by a cop on a bike, he got with his speed gun, telling me that I was going 54 on a 40. Although I was following the flow of traffic. I apologized profusely & told him I did not realize I was. I cooperated & gave him my paperwork. Deadline for that is Feb 18, 2014. I have had a clean record on my license so far. lately I have been a little distracted of late in life. I am not making excuses. This is not a reflection of my driving habits. I am not reckless. I just need advice: Which one, if any should I contest? Go to traffic school? Should I even try?

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  1. I do not see any basis to contest either, at least according to your statements above. It seems like you cannot contest either violation. It makes little sense to start a fight that you cannot finish or win. I would simply pay the fines and request traffic school. Then move on in life.

  2. For Van Nuys speak with an attorney familiar with their procedures in dealing with both offenses. Get an attorney.


  3. Contact Stan Alari a lawyer who handles traffic tickets all over California. Find him on line and look at his website victories. He has helped clients of mine in the past.

  4. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Hill, above. Although you do not present any information that leads me to believe that you have a strong defense, nearly every traffic ticket can be defended to some extent.

    I am frequently able to negotiate traffic violations to non-point violations, regardless of the circumstances. My advice is to retain an experienced traffic attorney and fight both tickets.

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