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2 tickets of driving w/o license in CA. With regards to the deferred action the President announced, do I qualify?

Orange, CA |

I received my first ticket in 2005 and the second in 2010. I was only ticketed for no license and nothing else. I went to traffic court both times and paid my fine. I know there are 2 ways this could go in CA. Either its an infraction or a misdemeanor. I looked up both my cases online and it shows everything. However there is a section that says "OL" and underneath it, it says either "1" or "I" and I'm not sure whether that stands for infraction or that I'm looking in completely the wrong area.

So basically my questions come down to.

1) can I tell if it's a misdemeanor or infraction just by the online report or do I go to court and find out there?

2) as far as the information that has been released, how serious would 2 tickets of driving without a license be?

Thank you.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Call the court to find out if they are infractions or misdemeanors. Infractions don't matter at all. You are allowed up to three less serious misdemeanors. You may have two. So, you still should be fine if you are otherwise eligible for deferred action. Good luck to you.

  2. As my colleague stated, it appears you likely have 2 misdemeanors, and you are allowed up to 3. However, keep in mind that Deferred Action is not a right, it is discretionary. You still need to address these two incidents in your application.

    My firm handles Deferred Action cases throughout Southern California, and I'd be happy to speak to you about your case. You can reach me at the information located below.

    Best of luck,

    Sanjay Paul, Esq.
    (888) DREAM-02

    This is not legal advice. No attorney client relationship exists between us.

  3. If you are certain you went to traffic court your cases are most likely infractions, but checking directly with the court is the way to make sure. You should also find out if they were for Vehicle Code section 14601 violations (being unlicensed or having a suspended license) or were for Vehicle Code section 12500 (not having a license in your possession). Assuming those are your only convictions you should be fine applying for Deferred Action but should consult with an immigration attorney first.

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