2 summons given. 1 for urinating in public 153.09 and 1 for 240.21 Disorderly conduct.

Asked almost 2 years ago - New York, NY

I urinated on a street with a facade of a church. church no longer exist. I was not disrupting any service since there is no church, only building facade exists. I think i want to challenge the disorderly conduct ticket, does that mean i should challenge the urination ticket as well? Will the judge dismiss the urination ticket along with the disorderly conduct ticket?

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Thanks for all your responses but I should have mentioned that I did it across the street from a church, but since it was within 100 ft of a church, i was given the 240.21 summons.

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    Answered . Be careful. The public urination summons is a misdemeanor and will give you a criminal record if you are convicted. There are different ways to deal with these charges depending on which court house you have your case in. If you are going to a summons part such as 346 Broadway you can hire a lawyer to appeat for you so you don't miss work or school. I handle these all the time.

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    Answered . You have the right to contest both charges. i suggest you hire an attorney who can plan an intelligent defense. Claiming it is not an active Church does not help your cause and is in fact an admission.

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    Answered . I cannot say that the judge will dismiss any of the tickets. You can challenge both if you want.

    I'm sorry, but this question is abstractly humorous. The disorderly charge was not filed due to disruption of any church service, it was because you urinated in public.

    If the church no longer exists because you urinated on it, then another charge could be filed against you as well. Finally, it is not advised to urinate on any building, but if you must, I would certainly avoid urinating on any church, mosque, or temple, as you may incur much more severe penalties.

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