1st time DUI, 23 yr old,asked to take a blood test,refused;forced to take one anyway. Car towed, 3000 bond. Lawyer necessary?

Asked about 3 years ago - Nashville, TN

Offense happened in Dixon, TN. 23 yr old doesn't live in county charged. Not really sure how to handle. Drives for a living and unsure if that would be jeopardized. Please assist.

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  1. Jason Wade Barnette

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    Answered . For most DUI charges, you need counsel. In Dickson County, this is particularly true. As mentioned earlier, they have a very strict policy - as does Cheatham County - as to plea bargaining. In short, generally they don't other than to give you the minimum sentence which is 48 hours in jail and a $350 fine plus court costs. You stand to lose your license for a year subject to a restrictions if found guilty or if you plea.

    If your blood alcohol content was rather low, you may have a chance. Of course, as with all cases, your outcome will depend on the facts. Nevertheless, yes, you need an attorney.

    Jason Barnette
    Barnette Law Offices

  2. Edward Stephen Ryan


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    Answered . It sounds like there was an accident involved if there was a forced blood draw. A Dui in TN carries jail time and a loss of license. If you are a true first offender you are eligible for a restricted license and depending on the facts of the case will depend on if you are required to have interlock on your car. Dixon County has a tough plea policy I would most cetainly get an attorney.

  3. Ruchee Janardan Patel

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    Answered . You need a lawyer. A DUI conviction will result in a suspension of your driver's license. I agree with opinion above, the facts you stated indicate damage to property of another party with physical injury of another party.

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