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1st offense OWI Wisconsin

Madison, WI |

Last night I got an OWI with a bac of .165 which I cannot believe how stupid I am right now. It is my fist time getting arrested (first traffic stop in 8 years!) What should I do at this point?

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you should hire a DUI defense specialist lawyer as soon as possible. Call today. Yo can find a DUI defense specialist at the National College for DUI Defense website, below.


You need to hire a lawyer who specializes/concentrates on criminal defense and DUIs. You also need to preserve your rights with the OH department of motor vehicles who may suspend your license under a separate proceeding.

Contact a DUI lawyer in OH, they can help you with this.

Edward J. Blum


With all due respect to the first answers, WI is the only state left in which a 1st offense is civil, not criminal. You do not need to consult with a criminal defense attorney specifically, just one who does OWIs.

The penalties you are facing, assuming you are charged with OWI and operating with a .08 or more (PAC) only, are a 6-9 driver license revocation; a $600-$800 fine; an alcohol and other drug abuse assessment; and 6 points off your driver license.

In deciding whether to hire an attorney you should consider the above penalties, as well as the cost, of doing so. Keep in mind that an attorney is trained to look for defenses in your case that you will not recognize on your own. An attorney may be able to negotiate a better result for you than you would on your own. Further, an attorney will know the process and how to work it to your advantage.

I am not sure why one of the previous answers thought you had an out of state license. But if you do, do not worry about immediate repercussions. WI will not report any administrative suspension to the state in which you are licensed. WI WILL, however, report if you are convicted on the National Driver Register. It then become the licensing state's responsibility to check the Register. No one can say when this will occur, but most states check when it is time to renew your driver license at least.

Also, if you have an out of state license and WI suspends it, you may not drive in WI.

I am experienced in handling OWI-1st offenses and practice throughout the State of Wisconsin. I invite you to give me a call so we may discuss further what an attorney can do for you in your situation.

Good luck!

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