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1st offense DWLS 3rd degree Washington state .

Aberdeen, WA |

Is there anything I can do to prevent jail time? I'm a full time college student with 3 children. I don't have the money to get my license back right away.

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  1. You should hire an attorney. Although it is apparently quite rare for a court to sentence anybody to jail time for a first offense of driving while license suspended in the third degree, a good attorney can really improve your chances of a favorable result. See DWLS 3 is a misdemeanor, but maybe you or your attorney could plead it down to some lessor offense (i.e. a traffic infraction), depending on the circumstances.

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  2. While every court is different, it would seem unlikely that you would receive any jail time for a first offense DWLS 3rd. Many courts and prosecutors will work with you to postpone the court date in order to allow you to pay of old fines and get your license reinstated. If you can do that there's a good chance you can get the charge reduced to a non-criminal, civil infraction like No Valid Operator's License with Identification. You should definitely hire an attorney or get a public defender since it sounds like you would qualify for one.

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  3. As the other two attorneys said, you're probably not going to get any jail time for a 1st offense. However, if you are re-licensed then you may be able to resolve the matter with a traffic infraction called No Valid Operator's License on Person 2nd degree. The advantage of this is that it is not a criminal conviction.

    Have you talked with the Court to see if they have a re-licensing program? If they do, that may help you get your license back. If not, try to continue your criminal case long enough to become re-licensed. Take the money you would have used to hire an attorney and put that towards getting your license back - it's a better use of the money.

    Craig Cahoon The Cahoon Law Office, PLLC 206-795-1779

  4. If you don't have a bad record and this is your first DWS 3rd you will be fine. Use your money to pay off your old tickets and GET A LICENSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I mean show the court that you are really paying all you can. Good luck to you.

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