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19 year old first offended, two felony charges, class D & class E for stealing then selling firearm.

Kendall, NY |
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My child has been a problem since the age of 16. Continues stealing, disobeyment etc. She is not living at home, and has not for 3 months. The gun theft happened while not living at home. Judge ordered twice weekly drug tests in which she admitted will show pot. She was arrainged, judge put in not guilty plea, but she confessed verbally/written during questioning. Would a plea be possible? Would drug rehab be possible? Would it be possible for her to go to a rehab, then be released back to me with stiff restrictions, like she has a time to be home, has to have a job in 2 weeks, etc type stuff and if she disobeys one phone call could send her to jail? This kid needs something, and nothing I've done prior has worked. Just any advise would be great. I certainly want her to learn, but jail???

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All of the options you raised as a possible punishment are on the table, but in cases where somebody steals a gun, so is jail. You really need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area ASAP. If you can't afford an attorney, contact the public defender's office. An early intervention by a good lawyer is your best bet here.

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