17 yr.son 2 tickets pkd on lawn at lake drove over sidewalk to park.Cop didn't see. If Mitigate -what should he say to judge?

Asked over 1 year ago - Kent, WA

Want to reduce damage to insurance and driving record so request traffic school but do we pay court cost. and fees to mitigate? Ive never even been pulled over so am freaking out.

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  1. Roberto Alexandro Lim Yranela

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    Answered . Since your son is 17 years old, he would be carrying an intermediate driver license. Under that license, if your son gets 2 or more tickets, his license can be revoked until he turns the age of 18. Mitigation is not be a good idea in this situation because it has the effect of admitting to the violation and it being found committed on your son's record, thus triggering DOL license revocation proceedings against your son. If you want your son to prevent this, you need to contest and beat or reduce at least 1 ticket down to a violation that will not be reported to the DOL. I would contact a traffic attorney in this situation.

  2. Adam Joseph Yanasak

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    Answered . By asking the court for a mitigation hearing you are admitting that you committed the infractions, but are just seeking to explain the circumstances with the hope of obtain a reduction in the fine. By admitting the infraction it will go on your driving record and potentially be reported to your insurance company.

    If you are trying to keep this off your record, then you need to ask for a contested hearing. If you have an otherwise clean record, you may be able to obtain a deferral (dismissal after probation and administrative fee). Otherwise, you should hire an attorney who knows the law, court rules, and court procedures. If you are not experienced with these types of things it can be difficult to get good results if you try to go it alone.

  3. James Donald Garrett

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    Answered . You need to sit and talk in person with a traffic lawyer in your area. They will be able to evaluate your situation and give you advice on possible defenses to your charges.

    I am licensed to practice criminal and DUI law in VA, not WA. Different state laws may vary and my response may therefore be irrelevant. Please use my response for informational purposes only.

    Good luck.

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