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17 year old kicked out of home in Texas

Austin, TX |

mom kicked him out so now he is living with me, a non family member we have notified our local law police office and they advised that he does not have to go back home because the legal definition of a minor is bet ages of 10-17. they also said that she cannot list him as a runaway because of that same definition or as a missing person since he has emailed her to let her know that he does not want to come back to the hostile environment at home. Now she is refusing to allow him to get his personal property and has now hired a lawyer and saying she is taking us to court but is refusing to state why... does she really have any legal basis to sue, or is she just blowing smoke and trying t intimidate us into doing things her way?

thanks for the reply, yeah, we figured that she could sue us anyways for silly things... she has money and i guess is gonna waste our time and money, lol he isn't wanting his furniture, he asked just for his clothes, birth certificate, ss card, posters, other personal items ie game systems, games, jewelry... she flat out refused to allow him anything from the house in an email, yes, we have saved it :)

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This is what I learned i law school -- Any person can can sue another person at any time for any reason. And only a judge can determine if a person has the grounds for a legitimate lawsuit. If a judge determines that the lawsuit is frivilous, the judge will dismiss the lawsuit.

What personal property is the 17 yr. old hoping to get from his mother's home? His furniture belongs to her.

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