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17 year old charged with DUI, what are possible consequences

Salt Lake City, UT |
Filed under: Juvenile law

i got not a drop, speeding and consumption by a minor why didnt i go to jail and what do i do to help myself

Attorney Answers 1

  1. From your question I cannot tell if you were charged with DUI and it is still pending, or if you have already been convicted of DUI. I will give two different answers, one for each situation.

    If you were charged with DUI and the charges are still pending (meaning you still have to go to court again) you should see a DUI specialist lawyer in your state. A DUI specialist can help you defend these very complex cases. This is important because a DUI conviction can affect your life for a long time.

    If the case is over and you have a DUI conviction, you need to take steps to get your license back and see that this does not happen again. Most states require you to attend an alcohol school and pay a fee to get your license back. Some also require special proof of insurance, a device on your car to keep you from driving if you have been drinking, or a limited license. Check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles to find out which requirements you must complete. Whatever you do, do not drive while drinking or without a license, it will only make things worse, and fast.

    Wayne R. Foote, Esq.
    Board Certified OUI Defense Law Specialist
    Bangor, Maine

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