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16 year old charged with aggrivated assault. Adjudifacation withheld will this be on adult background check

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16 year old son charged with aggrivated assault adjudifacation withheld did community service and probation was over when he completed community service. Will this show up on adult background check for work

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  1. The answer is it shouldn't. In the age of the Internet, is difficult to say that with certainty. Theoretically, your son is a juvenile and that record is not public record. A withhold of adjudication means that there is no conviction.

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  2. If he was charged as a juvenile in FL then the answer is absolutely not. (All juvenile records in FL are confidential.)

    If he was charged as an adult in FL (including being arrested as a child and then direct-filed or otherwise bound-up to adult court for prosecution) then the answer is absolutely yes. (All adult records in FL are public records unless they are sealed or expunged.)

  3. I agree with Mr. Haber but I add the following caveat. I have heard from many clients and prospective sealing/expungement clients that their children are being denied jobs and place to rent based upon there juvenile charges (even misdemeanor petit thefts). I am not sure why as I agree that the records should be confidential. So somehow these background companies are getting access to these records.
    I hope it does not show up for your son's sake. Good luck to him!

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  4. I would consider sealing his record if he is eligible. Although it is not public record, the information has a way of getting out. To see if he is eligible, you need to go through a check list. You can check with the FDLE or click on the attached link.

  5. i disagree with Mr. Hauser. Fdle is now releasing juvenile records. Your son may be able to seal his case if he qualifies, since it was a withhold of adjudication.

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