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15 year old runaway on probation wants to turn herself in but has no attorney, how does she do this?

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15 year old ran away Sat night . She is on probation for basically probation violations . She ran because she was scared and didn't want to go back to jail after her mom called police to report her out after curfew . Reality has set in and she realizes running was the biggest mistake . She would like to turn herself in but is fearful she'll receive a long term stay in JD . She has no legal counsel and her PO is less than understanding . Our county has court appointed attorneys so she can't consult with him / her prior to her turning herself in . What should she do ? Thank you

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  1. she should call her probation officer and arrange a date and time to turn herself in to juvenile detention.

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  2. She should turn herself in to the probation officer and request court appointed counsel be provided. Hiring an attorney prior to this would be preferred but it sounds like that is not an option. Good luck.

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  3. Turning herself in would show that she is learning to behave responsibly. Preferably, she should do this early in the day, on a Monday-Thursday, to maximize her chance of getting a prompt hearing before the judge on the issue of her continued detention.

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