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11550 HS charge..?

San Diego, CA |

My husband and I were arrested Sunday night after we called the police about some trying to break into our apartment. They said we were acting strange and paranoid and arrested us. We told them we'd do blood tests to prove we weren't on any drugs. They never said they found anything but we were taken to "drunk tanks" until the next morning. We're being charged with " 11550 HS" and have court dates. What is that charge? We've never even gotten speeding tickets & are in the military. Was there something in our blood? We're both on prescribed medication for anxiety and PTSD but that's all I can think of. What's going to happen? Should I call a lawyer ?

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Yes you should call a locally experienced criminal defense attorney for the both of you....HS11550 alleges you were under the influence of a controlled substance and carries mandatory minimum custody in San Diego if convicted of that offense.

Your first court date is your arraignment where you will likely enter a not guilty plea and fight the charges, assuming the prosecutor's office files charges. HS11550 is a misdemeanor and your presence would not be required in court if you hire a private attorney.

-David P. Shapiro


"11550 HS" refers to Health and Safety Code section 11550, otherwise known as "Being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance." You should consult with a local defense attorney right away to ensure the best possible outcome. Having practiced law in San Diego for a number of years I assure you that time is of the essence since the earlier an attorney gets involved the greater the attorney's opportunity to resolve the case on favorable terms. It's important that you provide your attorney whatever documentation you have regarding your medical treatments and prescriptions. Also, because of your employment you'll also want an attorney knowledgeable with the UCMJ to ensure the arrest itself does not have adverse professional repercussions. Good luck.

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