100% not at fault motorcycle accident. Please help, really scared!

Asked about 2 years ago - Phoenix, AZ

I was stopped at a red light on my motorcycle waiting for it to turn green. A pick-up decided not to stop, rear-ended me, totalled my bike. I've been seen at urgent care, ER (10K just for the ER), physiologists, ortho surgeons, neuro surgeons, and neurologists. My dx so far per physician, MRI, CT, etc. Stage 3 concussion, C spine from C5-C7 acute damage including reversing the curvature of my C spine, lacerated discs, bulging discs, etc. I've had a C spine block, occipital nerve block, out of work for min 6-8 weeks (77k salary) so far. My C spine will need neuro surgery eventually. Between the guy who hit me and the UIM on my bike and truck doesn't even cover med bills, let alone PT, time out of work, hate to say pain and suffering but it hurts, now on FMLA. What do I do, please help!

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  1. Walter Rivera

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    Answered . Its possible that you may have other insurance coverages besides your motorcycle coverage that will add to the amount of coverage you already know about. It is also possible to negotiate with your medical providers in an attempt to reduce your medical bills. Feel free to call 480-332-8024 and I will be happy to answer your questions.

  2. Mark A Kille

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    Answered . I concur with the other 2 gentlemen who have answered so far. You definitely need to contact a competent injury attorney to be advised of your legal options available. Besides past medical bills, it appears you have a substantial lost wage claim as well, and will require future medical care. You likely will have liens against your settlement which an experienced attorney can help you reduce, putting more of your result in your own pocket.

  3. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . A personal injury lawyer may be able to uncover more insurance, thus, contact one asap.

    Only 29% Contingency Fee! Phone: 215-510-6755 www.InjuryLawyerPhiladelphia.com
  4. Kevin Coluccio

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    Answered . You really need to contact a personal attorney in your community. Check the AVVO site for lawyers in the Phoenix area. The lawyer can review all issues and share the best options.

  5. Adam Wayne Scheinbach

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    Answered . Find a lawyer to represent your rights. This is a case of negligence against the pickup truck driver and owner that most expereinced lawyers will be willing to handle for you on a contingency fee basis, meaning no lawyer fee unless money is successfully recovered for you.

  6. C. Andrew Campbell

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    Answered . You need to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the specifics of your case. There may be (or their may not be) additional insurance coverage that could apply, or their could be other individuals or entities that might also be liable for damage.

    Good luck and contact an attorney soon to discuss.

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  7. Howard Robert Roitman

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