10 years in prison?

i have 3 warrants for my arrest probation violation 1. hit and run 2. Dui 3. all misdemeanor warrants. i had a retired lawyer tell me i am looking at 10 years in prison if im caught. is he right? that seems kinda stiff for misdemeanor's.

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Seth Andrew Weinstein

Seth Andrew Weinstein

Criminal Defense Attorney - Sherman Oaks, CA

You are looking at County Jail time, up to 3 years. You likely won't get anywhere near that. You should hire an attorney to see if the amount of jail time can be reduced.

Seth Weinstein, Esq.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney
(310) 707-7131

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Karren Melinda Kenney

Karren Melinda Kenney

Criminal Defense Attorney - Costa Mesa, CA

You don't get sentenced to prison for misdemeanor offenses.

Margaret Forbes Mendoza

Margaret Forbes Mendoza

Criminal Defense Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

You will not get prison time on these misdemeanor warrants. You could however get county jail time, determined by the exposure left on each of the charges. You should defintiely hire an attorney to go to court with you. The attorney can explain to the court the circumstances surrounding the warrants and offer an alternative resolution, which the judge may accept. Good Luck

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